The smithy

Introducing The Smithy, an online, on-demand Pilates, fitness and wellbeing hub for busy working women from Shapesmith & Well.

Massive to-do list? Too tired to exercise? Feeling run down, overwhelmed and stressed?

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    About the smithy

    It's a membership hub for exercise and stress relief. Don't think you have enough time to workout, defuse stress and look after your wellbeing? Think again.

    The Smithy from Shapesmith & Well is a one-stop-shop for Pilates, fitness, wellbeing, with online classes and programmes to help you lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

    You cannot pour from an empty cup.....

    Stressed and tired, with a never-ending to-do list? Too much screen time, not enough you time? Too busy juggling to maintain your health and wellbeing?

    The Smithy is here to help:

    • On-demand online Pilates classes to suit your mood.
    • Mindfulness exercises to help you relax.
    • Supportive community to motivate and inspire you.

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    Beverley Kotey

    Head Smithy, Pilates teacher