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Stop the clocks, have you forgotten someone?

Egg timer with red sand flowing

Time moves, lives are busy, don’t forget self care and your wellbeing.

The other day I met a new client who inspired me.
A busy professional and mother; she came to my Pilates class at the start of a programme of creating time for herself.
This lovely lady said simply: “it’s time for me”.  Her idea was to spend the following 12 weeks exercising and re-shaping her body. She had chosen to join a gym and take up weights and Pilates to help her on her way.
I could hear the determination in her voice as she spoke about how she was carving out time to do things for herself. I was so excited for her. She was at the start of an adventure; self discovery, discipline and self care. As you can imagine, I was very excited that she had chosen to make Pilates one of the ways in which she was going about her re-shape project.

I was so impressed with her that I really wanted to help. I wanted to do anything that I could to encourage her in our classes and keep her coming back. In that first session I took care to keep checking in with her on the more challenging exercises as well as those which might exacerbate any of the old injuries we had spoken about before the start of the class.

Whenever I have new clients in a big class I make sure to keep nearby and keep an eye on them. Once I know what their strengths are and I’m comfortable that they have got the “feel” of the exercises (this might happen in one class, it might happen in their third class) then I leave them to it and to push as hard as they need to, ok, maybe sometimes a bit remind them to work even harder than that…

Wonderfully, she has been coming back to class; she’s been finding that the exercises get more manageable, understandable and the movement more flowing with each class that she attends.

Clients like that make me enjoy teaching so much. It’s a pleasure to see them each time they come back through the door: they are still committed, still determined, still going strong.

Do you make enough time? Do you have a regular self-care routine? Perhaps you you’ve made it your goal to stop and enjoy some  morning meditation, a quiet mindful coffee or perhaps some Pilates exercises at home. Life is busy, with jobs, family and friends, don’t forget to stop the clocks; and claim “time for you”.

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