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Love your Valentine’s heart? Good, here’s how to keep it.

Did you know that more women die from heart disease than from breast cancer?

A happy heart is about more than roses and cards, this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give the best gift of all, the gift of knowledge. Tune in and pass it on.

Heart disease, stroke and heart attacks used to be things that “happened” to older men, but women are suffering and dying more and more from heart health conditions which have lurked, undiagnosed, for years. A lot of these deaths could have been avoided with more knowledge and lifestyle changes.


This is a quick guide to the changes that we can all make, and perhaps encourage our loved ones to make, so that we have them around for many more Valentine’s days.


More healthy heart tips for women.

Recognise a heart attack in women.

Women’s heart health, a general background.

Be fit. Be well. Be happy.

Happy Valentines


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