Pilates exercise for beginers

Pilates for beginners: breast stroke prep.

Pilates exercise for beginers

This can be a great exercise to counter-act all the time spent hunched over my phone.

Having said that my pelvis tilts forward in such a way that this exercise can actually cause me discomfort in my lower back which distracts me from working in the muscles that really need to be worked (upper and mid back extensors and scapula retractors). So for me I need to start with my legs apart. I usually have my knees out towards the side of the mat I am laying on. That gives me space and comfort to concentrate on and get the best out of the breast stroke prep movement. If you are trying this exercise, that may be something you want to try too. But first, see how the exercise treats you.

You must have noticed how we bring our heads down to our phones rather than bringing our phones up to our faces. If we carry on like this we’ll have some weird reversal of evolution and be dragging our foreheads along the ground. But seriously, give this a go, its great for undoing the damage we do to our posture by not bringing our computer screen up to eye level and our phones up to our faces.

You can see me doing the full exercise, and all theĀ arm variations here, then have a go yourself.

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