A bowl of salad for healthy eting

10 easy ways to eat your 10 a day.

A bowl of salad for healthy eting

Researchers at Imperial College have confirmed what most of us suspected all along: fruit and veg are superfoods and they are here to save the day, or certainly, our lives.

The research examined studies which covered 2 million people, their eating habits and their lifestyles, making these findings the very best possible evidence for eating fruit and vegetables, simply because the more people in a study, the better the data.

The fruit and veg were found to potentially cut the risk of early death by decreasing the likelihood of illnesses such as stroke and cancer disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease.

Infographic menu of healthy eating 10 a day.

There was no difference between eating raw food and cooked food and, at the moment, not enough data about any effects from the different ways of cooking our lovely fruit and vegetables.

What we all want to know is, if we are aiming to eat 10 a day?  What do you think of the healthy eating menu above? How do we get there? I’ve got 10 easy ways to “10 a day” let me know what you’d eat to get yours.


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