Pilates for beginners: half roll back

Pilates exercise for beginners, half roll backWhen I first started doing this exercise, I kept getting it wrong. It’s an easy thing to do.

Looking at my back in the video you can tell there is a lot of flatness in there, filming day was not my finest flexed spine hour. The problem with my original efforts of half roll back is that I would hinge from my hip, imagine a clam shell opening, yup, like that.

The point of the roll back, is to do just that. Roll your hips away from the thighs, as if you are opening up the angle between hip and thigh.

I like to think of rolling my pelvis so that the bones of my bottom are pointing towards the wall in front of me, or that I am aiming to get the back of the top of my waist band to the mat first. When I do the waist band trick, I genuinely feel myself roll, rather than hinge.

Follow the instructions on here and do the exercise slowly. Are you doing it right?

If you get the chance, come to one of my small group classes in London and we can work on your “roll, not hinge”, together.

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