This one thing could save your life after heart attack

Marriage can help heart health

Want to know the secret to a healthy heart? Is it eating well? Er, no. Is it regular exercise? No, not quite. It is eating well and exercising often? Nice try, but, again, that’s not the answer.

According to research published today the real secret to healthy heart is to be married. That’s right, to be MARRIED. Oh great, another blow for the single life, as if we don’t have enough disadvantages already…. Married people get the wedding list swag, they get cheaper rates at hotels, their taxes are better, they have someone to warm the frozen solid bedsheets before they get in and now it turns out they have better hearts than us single folk. How is this possible?

OK, before I go any further I should explain, the research carried out at Aston Medical School found that married people had better survival rates after heart attack and coped better with conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. It’s an impressive study, looking at 25,000 patients , enough us to take the findings seriously.

Whilst they don’t know what it is about marriage that helps the recovery and management of patients with these conditions, one suggestion is that having emotional and physical support plays an important role. Humans are social creatures, we thrive on connection and community. Stepping back and thinking about it; of course our wellbeing is enhanced by being connected to others. At a time of health risks or health scares, that connection and ability to call on others will be invaluable. I have seen first hand, instances where a spouse has provided care and support, from arranging medication in the right order to helping to enforce healthier diet choices in their significant other.

For the rest of us its exercise and healthy eating and great nutrition that is going to have to do to stop us from languishing in the heart-attack-type-2-diabetes-and-high-cholesterol lifestyles. That’s cool, on a Friday night whilst you marrieds are cuddled up on the sofa, eating takeaway with your beloved, the rest of us are at the gym and returning to a protein shake frappe to wash down our soya-avocado-power ball dinner. So, that balances things out then. Yup, you are right, it’s not even close, after this report, there might just be a surge in registrations to online dating sites. Lol

Be fit. Be well. Be happy,


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