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5 ways Pilates can take you to Centre Court

Pilates for tennis ball at net

Wimbledon is here again, with Serena busy and Nadal producing a triumph at the French Open, this year’s Wimbledon can only really produce one winner: Pilates. OK, so that’s a bit on an exaggeration, but Pilates can help to improve tennis performance. Did you know that lots tennis players (including world No1 Andy Murray) and other sports stars have included Pilates in their training programmes?

So, here are 5 reasons why you should add Pilates to your game:

1. Stop your wonky muscles ruining your tennis game

Carry a handbag or a rucksack on the same shoulder all the time? Chances are you have a set of muscular imbalances that can affect your game. Following a set of Pilates exercises can help to re-set that imbalance, giving you the strength to make the shot.

2. Command the court like Serena

You want to be able to run across court, stop, pivot and run back again, leaving no inch of the court available to your opponent? Your hips, knees and ankles need to maintain their stability and dynamism to allow you to play your best game. Pilates exercises can zone in on these areas, strengthening the muscles at these joints and give you that on court dominance.  

Pilates for tennis performance tennis court net and lines

3. Ace that serve

We know that your serve comes from more than a swing of the racket. You generate the power for that serve from your powerhouse of core muscles. The foundation of Pilates exercises is core strengthening work. With Pilates you’ll build the body awareness to be able to take your core strength from the exercise class to the tennis court.

4. Create elegant strokes and the lightest touch

To win the rally with the lightest of chips over the net, your shoulder joint has got to give you the flexibility and stability to get to that opportunity in the rally. Pilates exercises that work on the shoulder blades and the muscles around them in the upper back will gives you the body confidence to go for the ball.

5. Performance, stamina, stability

To play your best game, you need your best equipment, that’s not just the racket; it’s your body too. Following a regular Pilates programme will help you to develop the muscles to support your game and help you to avoid injury. A bonus benefit of Pilates is that regular practice will help you to build up your stamina and your stability. Pilates sets you up for that epic tie break.

Last one to Murray mound……

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