Health benefits of walking

Health benefits of walking revealed

Know the easiest way to get the health benefits of physical activity?

Just start walking….

This week Public Health England (PHE), the government’s health watchdog for England, launched a campaign to get the nation’s over 40’s to move more in order to cut their risk of early death and life- limiting diseases. According to research by PHE 6.3 million of us in the UK are missing out on some invaluable health benefits. All because we are not walking for 10 minutes continuously over the course of a month. 

One of my clients brought it up at the start of our class. We were all shocked by the figures. But then, as we were in an exercise class, I guess this was preaching to the converted.

We wondered how so many people are missing out on just walking. Our life styles are more built around convenience; drive-in take aways,and cities criss crossed with bikes and mopeds delivering our meals? Parking the car as close to the supermarket entrance as possible? We are all a bit guilty of that. 

We also pinpointed what looked like another big issue: it depends on where you live. If you are commuting in a city like London, chances are that you will have that brisk walk to the bus stop or the train station. If you live in a less well connected location, the car is your star. 

Whatever people’s reasons for not walking enough to get the health benefits, it’s terrific that something is being done to remind us that we need to move more. Physical activity can save lives.

Get the health benefits of physical activity

Benefits of physical activity list

How could we get more active and squeeze those 10 consecutive minutes into our schedule?

We could try…

  • Loose the car keys.
  • Get a fast dog.
  • Borrow an active toddler.
  • Be continuously late for meetings.

OK, that’s a daft list, but, seriously, we need to get moving. Physical activity does not have to mean hitting the gym or joining a group exercise class. It can be as simple as walking. If you know anyone who needs more (and serious) advice on how to get moving and walking why not get them to download this app from the PHE.

It might just keep them fitter for longer.


Be fit. Be well. Be happy.


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