Best abs exercises obliques side twist in studio

Best abs exercises – how this simple Pilates exercise can banish muffin tops and love handles

Seriously these Pilates obliques are the best abs exercises to deal with love handles (or muffin tops, whatever you call them) Let this Pilates exercise save the day.

 Best abs exercises to melt away love handles

You know that those pesky love handles appear when we have extra fat around our belly and midriff.  The belly fat sits stored in a layer on top of your oblique abdominal muscles (this is a set of 3 muscles arranged between the lower ribs and the top of your hips) just under the skin.

Best abs exercises obliques side twist

The reason why this exercise is truly one of the best abs exercises for this part of your body is because one of the main jobs of oblique muscles is help your body to twist from one side to the other.  Do this Pilates exercise the right way, with enough frequency and you will build the muscle. Building the muscle can help to disguise that muffin top and let you really love those incredible shrinking handles.

One of the best abs exercises for love handles and muffin tops –perfecting your technique

To understand how this Pilates exercise will help you create that flat stomach, you need to think about your technique and understand the exercise essence.

Before anything starts make sure that you have the building blocks of all our Pilates exercises in place (engaging the requisite core muscles: imagine you are squeezing into a tight pair of jeans) then maintain that engagement whilst you carry out the other elements of the exercises.

Best abs exercise obliques twist to the side

Place and keep your lower back into an imprinted position. Then you can begin. Take your legs into table top, curl your upper back (and head) off the mat. Now you can get going.

Twisting with the oblique muscles

The next part of the exercise is where you recruit your oblique muscles and give them the responsibility to carry out the essence of the exercise: the twisting motion. As you extend one leg (send it straight, away from your body) twist towards the knee that is still bent. Returning to briefly stop at the centre ensures that you are working with control, which is coming from your core muscles.

Use your abs and core, not your neck muscles

When you rotate, make sure that the movement is from your waist, keep the elbows open, don’t just twist your head from side to side, it’s not a neck workout remember.  The other thing you need to do is to make sure that you keep your body as still as possible, don’t find yourself rocking from side to side. Moving from waist recruits those obliques and gets them working hard on the muffin top.

Strengthening the core with 4

As a beginner, do 4 of these of each side.  carry them out with great technique and you will feel this in your body. You will absolutely know that you are using Pilates to strengthen the core.  Keep going, use the Pilates obliques/Criss Cross exercise to put the love handles in their place.

What should this abs exercise look like?

You are doing the twist, whilst your legs move like pistons.

What should this exercise feel like?

As though you are trying to  fold your body in half.

I’d love to get to teach you this exercise in class, but if you can’t make it, watch the video, then sign up to my mailing list and you can get hold of the Pilates exercise routine videos.


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