Pumpkin insides recipe post

Pumpkin insides overload? Here are some delicious ideas.

You have carved the skin, you have lit the candle; now what are you going to do with those pumpkin insides? Never fear, I’ve pulled together some delicious recipe ideas for you.

How did the big issue of October become pumpkin insides?

This never used to be a problem. When I was growing up Halloween was the smaller and more low key event for this time of year. Fireworks night was the big one. Remember, remember that nursery rhyme and the cold night staring up at the sky?

The most exciting thing for me as a child was to convince my parents to buy me a toffee apple (I still get a buzz when I see them in the supermarket, umm, so sweet, so sharp, so much stuck to my gloves). Time has moved on, now Halloween and it’s traditions have grown in the UK. Halloween is now officially the third biggest “holiday” celebrated in the UK. We now have parents up and down the country trying to avoid trips to casualty, as they cut shapes into pumpkins and not their hands.

Avoid the food waste mountain: eat your pumpkin insides

We are in a time when we are thinking more and more about food waste.  Let’s face it, we should all be doing our bit on food waste. We send 18,000 tonnes  of pumpkin insides to the bin. Yes, the light flickering in the window is a lovely way to alert trick-or-treaters  that you are one of the gang;  let’s not forget that pumpkin is a foodstuff first and foremost. With that in mind, throwing away the sweet soft flesh of your pumpkin really would be such a shame.

Delicious recipes for your pumpkin insides

So here it is. I’ve saved you time, looked around and found some great ways to deal with that luscious pile of pumpkin insides.  Here are 4 lovely recipes for you. Starting with a simple, easy to cook lunch. Next up I offer a deluxe show-stopper of a starter. Another easy cook option is  a simple but impressive way to deal with a whole pumpkin. Finally there is  my favourite, a simple soup. I think the soup is perfect autumn evening dining. I made it, had some spare and gave it to my neighbour, who thoroughly approved.

Make a tart with the heart, of pumpkin flesh: Taleggio galette

Make a pumpkin based tart. This is a lovely dish,  where you roast the pumpkin insides.  The taleggio cheese and fennel give a tangy counter balance to the sweetness of the pumpkin. It is pretty quick and easy to make. Unless you plan to make your own  puff pastry? It will make a tasty lunch dish. Recipe from BBC Good Food   

Pumpkin insides for a deluxe sauce: Pumpkin veloute

You are going to be pushing out the boat for this pumpkin recipe.  Veloute (from the French for the word velvet) that should give you an idea of how this should turn out. In this recipe you cook and prepare the pumpkin flesh to turn it into a smooth sauce . It is deluxe cooking and eating. It’s a Saturday-night-supper-showing-off-your-cooking-skills, kinda meal (especially if you make your own tortellini)to make this as a starter. To be honest, if I were tempted to make it for just myself, I’d cheat and find a lovely freshly made tortellini from a local Italian deli.  Recipe from Great British Chefs.com

The no-carve-way with pumpkin insides: Roast pumpkin with cream, thyme and Parmesan

I know that this is cheating, but it would look spectacular. You don’t actually disembowel the pumpkin on this one, so it’s a good recipe to try if you have too many pumpkins knocking around.  Quick, delicious and far from wasteful. Maybe this recipe will convince you to give the carving a miss altogether? Recipe from BBC Good Food

Soup: the perfect match for the insides of a pumpkin and how much time you have for the kitchen

Pumpkin insides cooked soup

I found this recipe in an old standard book of French home cooking I know how to Cook by Ginette Mathiot. I chose it because it is a supremely simple recipe. Going for this French recipe is also fit with my food skills adventure. If you are stuck with a handful of pumpkin flesh this is your one-stop-shop of what do to with it. Essentially, boil and then simmer the chopped pumpkin flesh. Blend that tender pumpkin, then add milk and seasoning. I wanted to have a bit of a play and cooked the pumpkin with bouquet garni, brining something herbaceous to the mix. You don’t have to experiment at all, not if you don’t fancy it.

Pumpkin insides chopped

You will see that the recipe suggests that you add a wedge of butter. This will add a richness to the soup. In our health conscious days if you would prefer ,you can cut down the amount of butter.  I did, I used just a slither. The recipe still counts as healthy eating  You will also notice that this recipe tells you serve the soup on the croutons. It’s usually the other way round right? This inversion in this recipe reminds me of the history of soup in European cooking, when soup was actually a broth served on bread. As time has gone on the bread has got smaller and the broth more significant.

Pumpkin insides soup recipe cardThere is it, a simple, quick and filling dish for a cosy autumn supper.

What other amazing pumpkin recipes have I missed?



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