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Concentration: develop mindfulness with Pilates

Getting your head down do a piece of work is not easy; there are so many distractions about, from meetings, to phone calls, emails and (if you are very lucky) team birthday cakes and greetings. If you are working from home, forget it. Luckily there is an element of your Pilates practice that can be easily transferred from the mat to your every-day-life: the art of concentration.

In Pilates all the movements are interrelated; what happens to your hip when you bring your knee into the chest? How does the rib cage respond, what effect does this have at the back of your head? Pilates requires you to look at the entire system of your body in order to successfully complete your task.

Concentration quote from Joseph Pilates

Does this sound familiar? It’s like working on a project and presentation or a pitch. It’s the practice of concentration and attention to detail that we take from the mat back to our desks. Hear is how:

1. Your mind and body will operate as a team as you move through the exercises; your team work starts on the mat.

2. Concentration will make you more centred allowing you to move with more control. Create a feedback loop that you can take to your working day; the better your levels of concentration, the better your attention to detail, the closer you get to delivering the results you need.

3. Don’t let your mind wonder – stay in the moment of your exercises, focus on the movement and its effects in other parts of the body. It’s the same as when you get to that sticky bit on the report-writing. Do you start to think about your lunchtime sandwich?  Learning to stay mindful in your Pilates exercises, listening to both your body and your teacher will activate and strengthen your mindfulness skills and help you to keep going at tricky times.

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