Ducks walking through the grass

Feeding ducks for your self care?

You are wondering how duck care translates to self-care right?

Easy, you need to get to those ducks to feed them. If you live in a city, this will mean taking time out of your schedule to get to a local park. If you live in the country, you get a chance to interrupt your commuter lifestyle to get to your local pond. Either way, finding some ducks to feed can be a great way to improve your physical and mental health, it’s all about the change of environment.

1.      Get into nature, the time you spend in the natural habitat of a duck, could just help to improve your short term memory. A study from the University of Michigan found that to be the case with their subject group.

2.      Research from Chiba University, Japan suggests its possible to reduce the heart rate, stress and the stress hormone cortisol by spending time outdoors.

3. Being the great outdoors (think trees and ponds) can help to reduce inflammation within the body according to a 2012 study in China.

4.      Participants in a study at the University of California enjoyed improved focus on their tasks after returning from spending time relaxing in nature.

5.      Walking is an underrated form of exercise. Simply walking to the pond, to feed the ducks and will give your health and fitness levels a boost. Not-to-mention adding to your 10,000 steps target.

Besides which, who can resist raising a smile at the site of a flock of ducks waddling along the bank, vying for that tasty bag of seeds?


Be fit. Be well. Be happy.


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