“Anyone can do Pilates and adapt it to their abilities”, Lisa


I love it that the worlds biggest sceptic (my husband) now rarely misses a class and loves it!!

What brought you to Pilates?

To join friends and participate in a new class near to where we live.

Did you have a particular physical/health reason to begin Pilates?

Yes, I do a lot of running, swimming and HITT / Gym and wanted to gain muscle tone, core stability and strength.

Did you have a particular goal and have you achieved it?

To gain more muscle tone and core strength for running and swimming, I did and ongoing….

How many classes to you attend a week?


Has there been anything that youve taken from your Pilates practice and applied to other parts of life?

Yes; the stretching, using bands and practice at home. Also I use the breathing and posture alignment when I can to reduce stress and ensure calmness.

What, if any, differences have you noticed in your body since starting Pilates, has it had any impact on the way that you feel about your body?

Better core strength, overall tone and reduced ‘ageing’ process by maintaining mobility and flexibility.  I look better and feel better.

What do you do for a living?

Service Manager in the NHS.

Are you desk-based or quite mobile in your job?

Varies; both.

Have the principles or lessons from Pilates helped any aspects of your job?

Yes, posture when seated, using IT and improved posture when walking around. Also stretching when I have the opportunity. I also advise others about the benefits of Pilates

If you do anything else, does Pilates help your other activities?

Yes, stability, strength and speed.

How do you feel after a Pilates class?

Relaxed, toned, energised and focused mentally.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

Roll over and jack knife

Which Pilates exercise are you trying to nail at the moment?

Teaser boomerang

What is the best part of a Pilates class for you?

When the moves are flowing and I am able to achieve good postures / moves in sync with my breathing.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of trying Pilates?

Try it and don’t give up after one go; it gets much easier and the benefits are remarkable. It is very rejuvenating!

What would you advise others to look for in a teacher and or a class?

A knowledgeable, experienced, well practiced teacher who has maturity to realise the class and individual abilities and expectations and tailor the class to suit a diversity of needs. Someone who has a sense of humour, is reliable and engages well, but also has clear boundaries for the group to feel comfortable.

What would you say the benefits of Pilates have been for you?

At 52, this keeps me looking younger and helps me to stay injury-free and do the exercises I want. It gives me the strength and agility to cope well day to day. Most of all; I have met a whole range of people who have become good friends, anyone can do Pilates and adapt it to their abilities, I love it that the world’s biggest sceptic (my husband) now rarely misses a class and loves it!!

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