5 ways to banish the back-to-work blues

You’ve packed away the sun cream, buried the bikini and wrenched yourself away from the sun lounger. You’ve looked at your emails and your heart sank as you realised just how many millennia it will take to get through them. Sigh, back-to-work season is upon us. That is why I have pulled together this brilliant list of things that you can do to help your well being as you get back to your desk in the first week of September……

1. Bring nature into your space, because being surrounded by greenery helps our well being, reduces blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stress? What are you waiting for? A pretty plant for your desk or a mini jungle on your windowsill, the bountiful green choice is yours.

2. De-clutter because a clean and clear environment will help you to clear your mind and keep focus, which is perfect for those upcoming tricky work decisions this autumn.

3. Set your goals, what do you want to achieve in the next 3 months, and what are you going to do to nail the goals? For many of us having an action plan can help to motivate us and make the return to work exciting.

4. Leave your desk for lunch, you know this one. We sit for too long, don’t give ourselves enough time away from staring at screens. Getting out away at lunchtime is the ideal way to inject some enjoyment and literal refreshment into your working day. Don’t get me started on what those crumbs do in the depths of the keyboard.

5. List the positives at work. If you are really suffering from the return to work blues, highlighting and focussing on the things about work that are great will help you to connect with the elements of your job that you really do enjoy.

Bonus tip 1: 6 My next adventure is…. looking forward to something has been proven to help our well-being. So, why not spend time researching, planning and maybe booking your next big holiday. That something concrete in the diary will help you through the tough months of winter.

Bonus tip 2: Coming from me, this one might seem a bit obvious; chase the endorphins. You know that exercise releases those “feel good” hormones. So, get back to your exercise sessions. If you need to, get Pilates classes into your office. Get in touch.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have your own suggestions to beat the blues?

Best wishes,


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