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I know that you are busy, work, home, family, friends, it’s is a balancing act. That’s why I’ve weeded out the best podcast episodes for you to listen to this month. You are welcome.

Listen: your stomach is the PH of battery acid…

So the Alkaline diet is even more nonsense than you first thought, according to geneticist (and TV presenter) Giles Yeo talking obesity and genetics with Liz Earle in this informative and fun. Tune in.

Listen: for the best way to lose weight…

I really enjoyed this discussion because it is informative and fad-fighting. It’s a great chat between the nutritionist and the dietician. If you are looking for ideas and tips, don’t forget your note pad. Tune in.

Do let me know what you think of these two, or if you have podcasts that you want to recommend yourself?

ShapesmithBev 🙂

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