The secret to longer life: cake and coffee?

Chocolate cupbakes (topped with cream) lined on a table.

We seem to keep stealing bits of Scandi/Nordic culture (I blame it on the detectives who made woolly jumpers so hip a few years ago).

Anyway, by now you’ve folded away all the cashmere blankets you bought in order to bring on the cosiness of “Hygge” then you cleared out your clutter to fit into your period of living with less with “Lagom”. Nope? Me neither. These are lifestyle concepts that I caught on social media, then in magazines and finally, they migrated to pieces in daily newspapers, which were trying to sell us things naturally.

If you know anyone who improved their lives by adopting these ideas, that is wonderful, but Hygge and Lagom need to move over, because I’ve found something Scandi that I suspect is much more up the street of most of the people that I hang around with….. eating cake and drinking coffee.

That is right our friends in the North have worked out that the good life comes from sharing food and hot beverages with people that we like.

Let me introduce you to Fika, which is Swedish for hang-out-with-your-friends-whilst-chatting-over-coffee-and-cake. You can do it at home, with friends popping over (in the old days, apparently you were expected to be able to offer guests 7 different types of home-made biscuit) or you can do it at the office. But stopping, having a coffee break and a chinwag is de rigueur. How good does that sound? My favourite thing to do, has a proper name. This month you have even more reason to partake in some Fika, Friday 27 September is the official date of Macmillan coffee morning.

Friends + cake + Scandi lifestyle trend = good times and good deeds.

Maybe host an event or turn up to a local event with a stash of coffee and cake, not only will you be making a difference in other people’s lives with the donation you make; you might just increase your lifespan too. A 2005 Australian Longitudinal Study of Aging discovered that people with the most friends tended to outlive those with the fewest, by a pretty significant 22%. Further research also found that people with large and deep social networks enjoyed better outcomes in areas such as mental health and illnesses.

The coffee morning is a simple and beautiful way to raise funds for a charity which has helped and continues to help our friends and families who are affected by cancer.

Are you going to a coffee morning, are you hosting one? Do write and let me know, Best wishes,


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