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Stay at home, save lives and fill your day

We know that this is serious; that commanding millions of people to stay at home is not a measure that government’s have entered into lightly. We are keeping off transport networks, avoiding offices, high streets and leisure centres in order to help health care systems and save lives. It’s a change to our way of being that would have been unimaginable to use 6 months ago. But this is where we all find ourselves in March 2020 and for who knows how long.

Whilst we can all feel good about doing our bit to save our neighbours, our family members our citizens, for many of us, used to busy work lives, social interaction and hectic social lives it does not make being at home all day, every day an easy task. I’ve rounded up a guide of activities you can do to while away your time in isolation/quarantine or social distancing. Do this with other people (virtually) do some of them on your own, for your own mental well-being. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation.

Fitness to stay at home with

Exercise gets the blood pumping and the endorphins rushing. Many of us are getting our main source of exercise from walking to the fridge, opening the door, pulling something out of the fridge, putting it into our mouths then walking back to the sofa. It’s time to amp up, set our goals  and rev endorphin levels higher.

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Do yoga at home

Like all the mind-body offerings, yoga is pretty perfectly positioned to help you to take a better perspective on things. Move, chant, meditate, you might not have much choice as to your movements outside of your home right now, but with some yoga in your life, the options are endless.

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At home meditation for a happier home

Hopefully this is the closest that many of us will get to an emotional roller coaster. Some days all is well, we are working through the to-do list (be that a work project or the Netflix “trending” selections) the next day; we’ve absorbed too much rolling news, and find ourselves panicking about how close the latest outbreak hotspot is to our ageing parents. Come back into the room, move away from those catastrophe scenarios with the help of meditation.

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Pilates at home

As a mind-body form of exercise, Pilates has got it all, a fast-flowing sequence to get the heart racing, challenge your endurance and deliver a line of neck sweats (it’s not pretty, but I wear it like a badge of honour) or a slow-paced session that takes you off your living room carpet and into a zen light state of being.

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Start singing at home

I am not ashamed to tell you that I was rejected by my school choir, not once, but twice. Well, now people like me my time has come. Join me, grab a hair brush and sing . Signing in a group is a great way to boost well-being and help mental health.

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The at home dance party

Now really is the time, because you are in isolation, no one can see you dancing. In fact, what could be more joyous than putting on some show tunes and dancing away your cares.

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Be happy at home

We all want to be happy don’t we? What better way to achieve that than joining in with virtual events, stress management training, self care and well being sessions a whole load of positivity from the museum dedicated to being happy

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Learn to breathe at home

Learn the calming and energising secrets of breath-work with the wonderful Richie Bostock , he is what he it says on the tin.

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Work at home wellness goals

A greater part of happiness is having a sense of purpose; you might be sitting at kitchen table ploughing through work-from-home goals. How is your work/life balance going? Did you put self care on your to-do list?

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So, there is my list, full of the wonders of modern technology. In fact, the strap line for our times could be “Have modem, will self isolate in style” (Ok, that might might need more work). I guess I have left out a very old form of technology, one that can be vital to help the mental health of so many people: the telephone. We should add to the list, pick up the phone and speak to someone.

This is obviously just a sample of what is out there for us all. Have you tried something, a class, a game, a social app that needs to be on this list?