Book club

Travel to a Greek island for the summer with Goddess Circe

Circe, this is a book that I’ve read this past month. I’m going to be honest: it took a while to get into it. I didn’t think much of the character early on, I persisted and reached a point where I finally cared for the eponymous character: Circe. The daughter of Titan Helios (one of the original Greek gods) after angering both her father and Zeus, Circe is exiled to an Island, from where we follow her life, over the course of centuries. She discovers witchcraft, meets Daedelus and the young Icarus, the Minator and Odysseus. Using her powers, she turns men into gods and pigs and defies the most powerful gods to go her own very independent way.

We all carry some knowledge of the Greek legends within our knowledge banks (be it from reading the Odyssey or watching Disney versions). For me, the beauty of this interpretation was the way these standard mythological characters of were given fresh life, through new interpretations of their actions. Then there were the details, they made me stop and think. Have you ever imagined the quality of a God’s voice and what effect hearing that voice would do to you, as a human? The brilliant world-creating details like that the made me look forward to my bedtime reading. No wonder author, Madeline Miller, is an award winner. If you want to leave lock down for a break on an Island in the Aegean, I’d highly recommend doing so with this book. Circe by Madeline Miller

Discovering why black lives matters, matters

Social media has the most extraordinary power to bring other people’s lives into the palm of our hands. Sadly, in May of this year, it brought footage of the last minutes of George Floyd’s life to all of us.

Time will tell, but, at the moment of writing, his death has ignited what seems like a new civil rights movement; with protests across the United States and the world. It’s not just been protests though, for statues being pulled down you see lists of companies offering to “do better” (from training their staff in diversity, inclusion and equity, to some offering reparations) whilst the term “anti-racism” echoes across so many forums.

I’ve realised how lucky I have been and how privileged my life in my North London bubble has been. I want to learn and I want to listen to the experiences, struggles and ideas of others. I might not agree with them all in the end, but listening and learning is a first stage. My current book list is below.

  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge, £8.99
  • Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored, Jeffrey Boakye, £8.99

Feel free to join me in the learning process.