July journal

Welcome to my second journal of the year, I hope that summer is being kind to you.

The year started with Australia on fire…..was that a clue do you think? Half way through the year and it’s already been a heck of a ride. 2020 itself must be a knackered as we all are, it’s as if its trying to set records. Just sit down quietly in the corner 2020, you’ve got all our attention, no need to keep jabbing us in the ribs with sharp fingers. Also, no more E numbers for you..

In this month’s journal I’ve found you the perfect way to serve rum, a quick salad to bring summer to your table, some reading suggestions for when you need a break from Netflix and your July Pilates exercise focus.

“Happiness is not a goal….. it is a by-product of a life well lived”

Eleanor roosevelt

Summer kitchen

In the recent heat wave the last thing I wanted to do was to “saucepan”. So, I have two quick and simple dishes to save your summer dining too. READ MORE

Book club

Just because there are probably no summer holidays and we’ve lost our commutes it does not mean we have to give up on reading time. I’ve got your mental getaway and some real food for thought in this month’s book suggestions. READ MORE

Sweet dreams

How are you sleeping these days? Times are tricky; I’m sure that we could all do with more sleep. You’ll love these evidence-based tips to improve your time sleep. READ MORE

Exercise focus: the hundred

Let’s improve our hundred by making it the exercise of the month. Next time in class, as you work away, think of this. WATCH NOW

Lengthening the legs and pumping the arms in the Pilates hundred exercise
The Pilates hundred exercise

Our weekly Pilates classes continue online, we’ve now moved onto a new platform that allows you to book a course of classes (this first course runs for 5 weeks) and then not have to think about booking again until the course finishes. Thanks to all of you who have joined us there so far. I look forward to seeing everyone join our online community. Happy July to you all, Bx