Lux moments 1. Sept

Nourish: Try a different flavour

Be more present when you do things that are routine. Instead of ordering the usual ice cream flavour, take a tongue-taste risk and try something different. It’s a mini trip out of your comfort zone.

Flourish: Claim your favourite colour

The evenings are certainly getting shorter (curtains to be drawn before 8 PM?) we need to start collecting and adhering to the things that cheer us up. Start with the simple things, drape yourself in your favourite colour and let it put a smile on your face.

Flourish: Take your break

You’ve earned it. Did you know that (in the UK) if you work more than 6 hours a day you are entitled to a 20 minute break? Glued to your desk all day, now missing the head-clearing break of the commute from the office? It’s probably probably become really easy to accidentally miss your break in our new “flexible” working world. Stop. Rest. Reset. Resume.

Why we move?

A regular physical activity date decreases the likely hood of developing breast cancer by 20%

Good read: Brain food is for real

What’s your favourite comfort food? Yum, right? We all know that there is a connection between our mood and food, but did you know the depth to which our brains and gut are connected? This is an exciting new area of research, with new ideas, theories and discoveries about our gut developing all the time.

READ This Stylist magazine post for a great introduction to on the way that food affects our mood.

Do Pilates this week

Listen: Pilates for relaxation, shoulders and breathing

Attend: courses and sessions

Wednesday: Intermediate Pilates course 6:30-7:30
Community class 7:40-8:20

Saturday: Community class 10 – 10:40
Intermediate Pilates course 11-12

We have a break for the last week of September. Look out for the new October sessions in the next update.