Lux moments. 2

Double rainbow
My pot of gold must be close by.

Hello and welcome to your weekly well being reminder, enjoy taking care of yourself. In these emails I’ll share the ideas and tips that help us to pause, feel better and, hopefully, smile. These simple things are luxury moments.

Be well: walk the walk

As simple as it sounds, a walk around your neighbourhood could be just the thing that you need to lift your spirits. Think about it, most of us are pretty much glued to our homes (working at the kitchen table or on our beds) for a majority of the day/week/month (depending on which of the Dante-would-be-impressed government Covid tiers you are living in at the moment). We need to get out and we need to do it fast.

Walking is free and easy. Take the turning you don’t usually walk down and go explore where you live. Getting outdoors and into the fresh, or maybe even bracing, autumn air, is great for refreshing the senses. Walking will stretch the legs and activate muscles neglected by sitting. Who knows, you might find compensations for bad weather walks, like the double rainbow I was presented with, just before I got caught in a bona fide deluge last week. Get slip into your walking shoes.

Be well: escape the keyboard

Taking a “mental health day” is more than just a fun phrase. You can and should take your sick leave entitlement for non-physical issues. Companies are increasingly becoming attuned to the mental health and wellbeing needs of their talent. That’s right, you are the talent. Not only that, the more forward thinking companies are also able to understand the effect of stress-related sickness absence on the bottom line. If you need it, it’s there for you. Take that time out and repair.

Be happy: name that tune

Quick, think of a song that you love to sing along to. Now, go play it and give it you all….

Be fit: why we move

According to NHS figures, regular exercise results in an up to a 50% lower risk of colon cancer.

Be fit: exercise tip

Make this the guide for your Pilates practice this week:

Be fit: do Pilates

Don’t let the uncertainties of social distancing, tier 1,2,3,4 ad infinitum, disrupt your commitment to your health and fitness. Go to the online studio and tap into any of the range of courses. Whilst some have begun, you can still sign up for a day pass and access some on a one-off basis.

Are you on Instagram? come say hello ShapesmithBev. At 6:30 Monday to Thursday I’m hosting a live mini workout to help you transition from “working from home” to “living from home”

Here is to a lovely week of fitness, well being and joy.

See you on the mat.