Lux moments. 3

Oh hello winter you are officially here. Well, the clocks have gone back now, it will feel like we spend most of our time in the dark and, by the looks of the news around the world, it’s not just the skies that are going to feel dark for some time to come. That makes this the perfect season to share some lux moment ideas with you. Here is to a brighter week. Hunker down, cosy up and stay safe, warm and make time to look after yourself.

Work better, without the rumbling tummy

How many times in the last 6 months have you worked through your lunch break? Do you feel that you are always too busy to stop to eat? Let’s stop those sandwich crumbs falling into your keyboard. Research shows that our lunch breaks help us work more effectively. This week’s lunch break inspo is this treat: Avocado and ricotta on rye it takes no time, it’s delicious and will fuel your work all afternoon. You’re welcome.

Think of a song and be happy

This week’s song cue is to find a song that you love to listen to while you are walking outdoors. Now, at the top of your voice…….

Keep moving, reasons to be fit

Statistics on hip fracture and exercise

Make and feel the difference in your surroundings

Whether you have been working from home since spring or you’ve always clocked-in at the kitchen table, your home and everything about it is super-familiar. Time to shake things up, just enough to keep things fresh. A simple way to achieve this is by changing round/rehanging/ pictures, poster and any artwork in your home. It will feel like looking at a new space, with a fresh pair of eyes.

Pilates: your classes and workshops this week

Classes at the online Pilates studio

This week’s classes are:

Tuesday Pilates club intermediate 7:30-8:30 PM

Wednesday intermediate course 6:40-7:40 PM

Thursday Private group 8-9 AM

Instagram mini workouts – Mon -Thursday 6:30 PM

If you are a club member or taking a course, don’t forget you access to bonus classes and class recordings, respectively.

Inspire this week’s workouts with the Pilates brain

Have a brilliant week. Let me know if any of these lux moments inspired you to come up with your own.