Lux moments. 4

Welcome to November 2020, if you are in England you are welcoming a new month of lock down, where only work and shopping for the essentials will be allowed. Sounds like a dystopian novel right?

But we know that this is all in order to help save lives from the Covid 19 virus. Wow, we are here again. Hands up who thought this would not happen again? No, I thought not.  For me the pandemic has been a reminder that humans really are puny little creatures, because mother nature, when she chooses, can turn our worlds inside out and back to front, upending our apparent certainties and throwing down the gauntlet with the ultimate challenge to all our learning and technology.

Historically* pandemics, of this nature, seem to run across a year or so before the combined efforts of outstanding medics, scientists researchers and yes, even policy makers, beat back the worst effects of viruses and the world returns . If that is the case again with Covid 19, we are only 11 months or so in…..

Let’s try to look at this mini lock down in as positive a light as possible. The clocks have gone back, it mostly dark when you get up for work and dark when you would get back from work. What better time to, weave some points of pleasure and joy from our situation, lets create some lux moments this week.

Happy feedback for workplace wellbeing

Remember your value – look back and the great feedback from a previous appraisal or re-read a great write up your boss gave you at the end of a project. If you are a line manager, don’t forget to pay it forward. Let’s luxuriate in the positives in our work life.

Working from home has its benefits.

When surveyed, 44% of respondents said that the commute decreased the time they spent with family.

Masked hugs for mental health wins

Live on your own? Miss physical contact with other human beings as a result of lockdown? Yup, I hear you. Well, if you wash your hands and hold your breath, hugs are back are an option according to an article in this in this week’s Guardian.

Avoid the afternoon energy slump with lunch

Enjoy a luxury lunch break with this delicious, quick Jerusalem artichoke soup. Not only are these, admittedly strange looking veg in season, they are also great for gut health; as they provide your digestive system with the prebiotic inulin (yes, that is the gassy bit). Enjoy

Think fast music: feeling good, singing loud

This week I want you to think of a song that makes you feel good, does it make you want to dance? Does it make you want to sing? Does it make you want to run through the streets shouting? Do it. Do it. Do it.

My song? Nina Simone (it does what is says on the tin) Feeling good That the horn section has me sashaying down and grand flight of stairs.

Let me know what your song is.

Pilates classes this week

Tuesday Pilates club Intermediate.
7:30-8:30  (monthly membership only)
Wednesday Intermediate
6:40-7:40 (monthly class block/pack) Buy your new November block now (the link will ask you to log into your account to purchase)
Thursday8 -9 AM (private group booking)
Saturday11-11:30 community class (November lockdown)

Instagram. I’ve still doing a quick unwind session after work in the week, think of it as your Pilates sundowner. If you miss the session you can find the replay on in my IGTV channel.

Thanks for reading all this way down.

Last words

This week also sees the 59th US Presidential election. It’s a big and historic set of decisions for the people of the United States. I’d simply remind them that they got rid of a tyrant in 1775, rejecting the rule of King George III, the time has come to do the same with President Donald J Trump.

Go on, let history repeat itself.

Have a great week, let me know your thoughts on the lux moments I’ve shared above. I’d love to hear if they inspire you to create your own.

Be fit. Be well. Be happy.

*Pandemics in history