Lux moments. 5

Yellow roses
For a joyous week

This week’s luxury moments is brought to you by: hope. Let’s make this week a good one.

Pyjamas or leggings for productivity wins?

Dress for the job you want is an old maxim. Yet research suggests that for real productivity we should all actually follow a relaxed dress code, as relaxed staff are less stressed and therefore more productive. Makes sense right? With that in mind, and as we are all at home these days, why not invest in some good quality loungewear (try fabrics like bamboo and, if you are spoiling yourself, cashmere feel lovely against the skin) that could well give you that edge in your next project meeting. Just don’t get up in the middle of that Zoom meeting, unless you want everyone to envy your pyjama bottom game.

Working from home is a good thing because….

Woman doing exercise of fitness ball

More often-than-not commuting is no fun. It can add to our stress levels and, according to a recent survey, it can deprive us of vital time for physical activity, which we all know is the best tonic for our wellbeing.

Long lunch for better focus

Release stress and enjoy two lots of your five a day with this week’s working lunch suggestion: butter nut squash and chickpea curry, which is perfect for these cooler November days. Stepping away from your computer gives you the chance to clear your mind. If you make the dish beforehand, the time you spend warming it up and then eating it, gives you time to focus of something other than the “to-do” list. Eat mindfully, and you’ll be in an even better position to go back to your work-load with new perspectives and maybe new solutions?

Think music, think fast

This week’s song challenge is….. think of a song that you would listen to whilst doing the chores around the house. I recently got through a bunch of things that I had been putting off for ages, with the help of this hand-clapping, toe-tapper.

Let me know what would get you hoovering.

The Pilates brain

When you are working your beautiful Pilates shapes this week, use this top tip to move the legs. Be it in the roll over the jack-knife, or bringing your heels back to the floor from standing tip toes exercises.

Classes this week

I’m sad and excited to remind you that PM Johnson has put England back into lock down, which means I am back providing free Pilates classes on a Saturday morning. We had a lovely session this weekend with both familiar and new faces. Feel free to join us next Saturday 11-11:30 AM.

You can join the session through my online studio

Thanks for reading this far down the email.

Have you found some useful ideas?  Have I suggested something totally daft? Let me know, do write in with your feedback.

Last words

Finally, the US election is over, but for the counting, the recounting, the court cases and President Trump being stuck on the “denial” part of the phases of grief. I went to bed lighter and happier on Saturday 7 November. Not only because of the sense that we, the world would soon finally be rid of malevolence of Trump and Trumpism, but because of the goose-bump moments. Kamala Harris is the first and as she said in her speech, she will not be the last. This win has shattered some more glass ceiling for women, for black women, for Indian women, mixed race women, for everyone; like the election of Obama all those years ago, this first gives, hope. I like to think that somewhere in the world a young girl has soaked up all the coverage of Kamala Harris and uses it to fire, plot and achieve some big dreams.

Hope, in this literal and figuratively dark time in the world, hope lights the way to better things.

Have a terrific week,