Lux moments. 6

Surround yourself with good, literally

Are all your best, recent photographic memories trapped in the gallery of your phone?  You know the ones I mean; the ones that make your heart swell and remind of you just how wonderful your world can be. Why not take some time to find the loveliest shots, print them, frame them, put them up somewhere and let them make you smile all over again.

Fight for your right, to disconnect

Did you know that in the Philippines employees are guaranteed the right to; disconnect  from work-related electronic communications after work hours? To make sure that people got the message, that’s what they called the bill was called when it was introduced to the legislature in 2017. Technology is great, but it can have a terrible effect on work-life balance; seemingly shrinking the amount of time we can have away from work. What time in the evening do you turn off your work email notifications?

Lunch to recharge and revitalise

As I write this, it’s wet and dark; let’s face it, that’s pretty much the forecast for the next few months. This week’s delicious recharging lunch suggestion, sweet corn chowder, is sure to bring some comforting joy to your hearts and stomachs. 

Mine is from an recipe from my old Leith Bible, take a snap of yours and let’s compare.

Why we move

Sometimes we need a little left-brain motivation to get up and exercise..

Think fast – name that tune

This week’s song challenge is something a bit different: the first song that comes to mind that has a number in the title……

My first choice? I apologise for what I am about to do to you, this will be stuck in your head after this. But, can you hear it without smiling? Mambo …

The Pilates brain

During the exercises lying on your front, do this…