Lux moments. 7

Throw your head back and howl for well being

When was the last time that you experienced a good hearty, bone shaking, belly aching laugh? Top tip, give yourself a luxury and go find a box set of your favourite comedian, sitcom or have a phone call with the happiest, fun-est person in your life, because it’s true, laughter really is best medicine. There is a mound of research out there to prove it, laughing protects the heart, releases good chemicals into the body, which is pretty much what we all need right now. 

Accidentally on purpose

Working from home can mean that some of us miss out on some pretty basic human connections and interaction in our day. There is an easy solution; call a colleague, just to see how everything is going. Maybe it’s the person you sit opposite or someone that you line manage. Create a chance to have those spontaneous moments of connection. Who you gonna call?

Gut healthy leek for workplace well being

Did you know that employees who take regular lunch breaks feel that they are valued by their employer? Makes sense right? Take control of your lunch break and whip up this leek and tortellini dish in less than 20 minutes. Then luxuriate in the subtle sweetness of the leeks and the freshness imparted by the herbs, whilst you fill up on the comfort of pasta and broth. Enjoy this hearty bowl of lunchtime goodness.

Working from home alone

Whilst it’s become the “new norm”, for some of us, working from home can still feel different and difficult. It’s worthwhile taking time to acknowledge that this change has had some drawbacks and support those for whom this is not such a great development. *

The song challenge

This week…. think of a song that was popular while you were in school.  I was in school in the 80’s (and the nineties) so I’ve an amazing wealth of music to choose from (ah, they don’t make them like they used to, and other things that middle-aged people are supposed to say as they look back through rose tinted glasses). This week I am sharing this song, which is a classic, of its kind.  It was, after all, number 1 in the charts for three week, so it must have been good, right? Ahem, find it here When you’ve listened let me know what you think and what this week’s song challenge brought up for you.

The Pilates Brain

This week, when you do any exercise that requires you to curl your upper back off the mat, think of this. Your powerhouse is the area from the bottom of the ribs to the buttocks.

Classes this week

Tuesday Pilates club members, your class audio and bonus videos are ready for you.

Wednesday intermediate Pilates, your class audio is available.

Last words

In the UK our PM has done it again, supporting a Secretary of State who has been found to have contravened the Ministerial code of conduct (bullying staff in this instance) rather than doing the right thing and asking for her resignation. We are living through the oddest times; a “post-truth” period where people are “fact resistant” and public discussion is experiencing “truth decay”. All of which are terrifically creative euphemisms to explain that we live in an age where so many of our leaders really do lie as easily as they breathe. Once again, I find hope in the fact that half of the voting public in the USA have chosen a decent public servant to be their next President, a person who deals in the world as it is rather than as fits a thirst for power and glory. Even in these troubling times, there is a glimmer of hope. Here is to that small bit of light developing into a pathfinder for us all.

Thank goodness Pilates is your home-made escape pod.