Lux moments. 8

Clearing leaves is great for clearing the mind. Who knew.

Small word, big difference to your stress

Just say no.  Many of us are under a lot more pressure this year than we have ever been. Yet, some of us have the inability to ease things with the use of a simple two letter word “No”. Instead, we take on more, more work, more responsibilities, more tasks that pile on the pressure and help to increase our stress levels. This week, why not create a luxurious moment for yourself by saying that sweet little word.

For those of us who are people pleasers, who really hate to disappoint and find the word impossible to say, I found these handy tips on how to say no, and do it guilt free.

How to stop working from home

 For some people it probably takes as much iron will and discipline not to work when they are at home as it does for some to motivate themselves to work, from home. The lines are all blurred now, so it’s harder to stop work. I get it, the never-ending-to-do list is no longer left on your desk at the office at the end of the day; it sits next to you on the sofa.  How to switch off?  Try schedule things in your diary, from 6:30 onwards, that are absolutely, definitely NOT work.  in that period from 6:30 onwards.  What could it be? An exercise class, an appointment for a phone chat with a mate, maybe a trip to the local shops. Give yourself that physical and mental buffer of removing yourself from your work and you might just be able to stop “working from home”.

Eat like an athlete

As if you needed more convincing that a lunch break is a good thing, this week I’m going to remind you that in your job, you are like a finely-honed athlete. You are at the top of your game; delivering results like a Fifa World Cup winning footballer.  Remember, footballers need a halftime break to re-charge and re-energise and so do you. What do you do with ricotta, spinach, lemon juice and pasta? You create a tasty, quick, energizing one-pot lunch.

Quick and tasty, lunch is served

Why we move

It might not be why we do it, but it’s a great side effect

Summer songs

The first song that pops up in your brain…..that makes you think of summer. Now is a great time to search for it, and play loud.  Let’s face it, right now we need all the summer vibes that we can get.

What’s mine? Years ago I spent summer in Argentina ( I escaped November in London, yes, it was bliss to get on that plane) there was a florist on a street corner selling jasmine, despite being on a busy road in the centre of a huge, busy, traffic choked city, the strong smell of jasmine really was like the line in this song.  

Classes this week

New month, new chance to sign up to Wednesday class block

New month means a new block of classes. If you’ve not already signed up the joy of online classes, this is your chance to do so.

Missing your sessions at the fitness studio? Nervous to work out in your living room?

Why not join us at the online studio this month? Drop me a line if you’d like to know more.

Last words

As a child of the 80’s who grew up in a pro-sport household (we gathered round the TV for World Cups, Olympics and Wimbledon like they were giving away gold) I grew up with Diego Maradona. In my brief time in Argentina I went to a home game at Boca Juniors, which he attended, no doubt, with his usual passion. He was a villain and a hero. A larger than life character whose fame, skill and notoriety invaded a public consciousness well away from his sport. I was shocked and totally gutted to hear the news of his death this week. After all his previous escapes, I’d suspected that he was indestructible.

My luxurious moment of hope and all-round-goose-bumps this week came from this beautiful act of remembrance and solidarity from the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, before they kicked off against Argentina on Saturday. See, he really was bigger than his sport. What a beautiful moment.

If you’ve had a lux moment this week, please do share the joy and let me know.

Be fit. Be well. Be happy.