Lux moments. 9

What are your luxury moments going to be this week?

Moments of a happy life

Decrease the stress in your life by considering procrastination. We’ve all got those things that languish on our “to-do” list, there might as well be a sign that says “here be dragons” over that part of the list. Consider the most “scary” task. Work out what is putting you off tackling it. Is there any help or support that you need to carry it out? Do you need to set aside some dedicated time and headspace to get it done? Finally, do you really need to do it at all or can you just delegate it? Give yourself a chance and see if you can defuse a potential stress ball by creating a better understanding of your procrastination. What are you going to stop avoiding this week?

Moments of work life joy

Get a kick out of finishing that project with a reward. Sometimes it’s not enough to just be able to tick a project off the list; we need to stop, acknowledge and appreciate what we have achieved. If you are lucky, you work in a company culture that does just that (recently when a friend of mine got a big win for her firm, they showed their appreciation with a gift voucher) even if that’s the case, why not give yourself a treat too? After your next big project, how will you mark the occasion?

The percentage of survey respondents s who said that commuting affected their ability to eat healthy.

Moments of kitchen fun

I love mince pies. There, I said it. I also like fruit cake. I’m totally outing myself on that. I like the short crust pastry one’s, my family are heathen and only enjoy the flaky pastry ones. So, in their honour, for this week’s kitchen adventure I made puff pastry mince pies. What can I say, my top tip this week is that you take a break from your working day and melt away your frustrations by making dough.

I made this mince pie recipe, to keep it simple, I didn’t add any of the extra fillings.

The Pilates brain

This reminder will help keep the weight of your brain and skull off your neck.

Musical moments of joy

What’s your favourite Christmas song? Is it something from your childhood that sparks nostalgia for Christmases past (when you still believed in Santa?) is it a tune from a time in your life when you had an extra special Christmas season? What’s going to spark your moment of musical joy this week?

My first job was as the Saturday PA announcer in a department store in North London (yes, I’d tell you about the discounts on perfumes etc). At Christmas I had the extra responsibility of being in charge of playing the Christmas music through the PA. You could say that I’ve heard enough Christmas songs to last a lifetime. I have one song that fills me with the absolute opposite of joy. If I never hear Noddy Holder shouting that line at me again…

I’m struggling to narrow down the list, the best songs (for me) seem to have come from my childhood.  After giving this it a lot of consideration, the lyrics of this Christmas song by Greg Lake seem perfect for this particular year.

Last words

In the UK it looks like the first vaccines against covid-19 will be administered this coming week. That, it amazing. At the same there is a lot of scepticism and vaccine-hesitancy in the air (which is not surprising). I took a moment to really absorb and appreciate what this week means.

It strikes me that this is the culmination of hard work, dedication and determination. From the scientists and researchers, the pharmaceutical companies, the regulators and those incredible and brave volunteers, so many people have pulled together to make the vaccines possible. When humanity sent out the bat signal, all these people came together and answered the call.

What a moment in the history of the early 21st century.

Be fit. Be well. Be happy.