Lux moments. 10

Moments of a happy life

This Christmas season might just be the most complicated one that we have ever faced. Are you doing all your shopping online (therefore potentially playing a part in the downfall of high Street shops and the collapse of businesses and loss of thousands of jobs) at the company Christmas party, which colleagues will you sit nearest (bearing in mind the rules and how this choice will be interpreted that you think colleague X is more likely to be Covid-free than colleague Y). The choices do not stop there, do you risk spending Christmas with your parents (or, for the children of divorce, even tougher, which parent do you risk potentially infecting?).

And breathe. Escape from this dizzying array of choices and decisions by anchoring yourself to the present with a mind-clearing bit of mindfulness.  

Want to try it?

Moments of workplace joy

Christmas party by Zoom? Well, 2020 has been the year of the screen, so why should the team Christmas gathering be any different?

 If you are in charge (of have an “in” with HR) why not get them to do something that makes the entire team feel special and valued with hampers of goodies delivered to their door? Coming together to enjoy good food, little treats and not talk about work is what we need for our dose of workplace wellbeing this season. If your regular caterers are not serving this niche try.

Moments of lunch break calm

In-season vegetables, yes. Easy and quick to make, yes. This week’s speedy lunch break is brought to you by this awesome celeriac soup. Give your-self the gift of a lunch break this week. It’s been a hard working year and you know that you’ll feel better going back to your laptop afterwards.

Now, where is my potato….

Moments of musical happiness

Now for this week’s music challenge, designed to connect you and your inner daftness; name a Christmas song that makes you smile.

Bill Murray. That could be a sentence in itself, but, for us here today, I should add more. Scrooged is a wonderful, funny, clever and joyous Christmas film, which stars: Bill Murray. When I hear this Annie Lennox/Al Green song from the film- I’m guaranteed my moments of smiles.

Pilates brain

When you are in your shoulder bridge this week, do this for an extra bit of length, stretch and strength.

Why we move

It can be tough to drag yourself to the mat/studio/gym at times. Remember how you feel afterwards? Yup, that should help.

Last words

This week my joyous moment from the last week came from getting a Christmas tree. It is sitting in a bucket in my living room looking very green and very naked (the blue spruce I’d originally wanted had all run out). Our traditions of bringing greenery into the house date back to at least Tudor Christmas’s and trees, of course come from the reign of Queen Victoria. I have to say how much I love this tradition. The tree is a moment to stop and appreciate this great hunk of nature in my living room. It is making me smile. At some point, I might even get round to decorating it.

I hope that you got the tree that you wanted and this it is brining you, your family and your friends joy.

Be fit. Be well. Be happy