What is Pilates and how can it help your business?

Pilates is a mind-body exercise programme designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles, working with your body weight and some small equipment. A Pilates class is a series of exercises which provide an amazing body conditioning experience. It leaves you brimming with energy and confidence. Shapesmith & Well Corporate Pilates classes are a great way to support staff wellbeing. Make it part of your company's staff retention strategy.

Joseph Pilates

"This very rapidly progressing world with its ever-increasing faster tempo of living demands that we be physically fit and alert in order that we may succeed in the unceasing race with keen competition which rewards the "go-getter" but by-passes the "no-getter"

Corporate Pilates classes

What are the benefits of Corporate Pilates?It's great for your staff

Positive and happy staff increases productivity. Pilates body conditioning classes will keep your staff fit, well and happy.

High staff retention cuts recruitment costs. Pilates classes at your offices shows commitment to your staff's health and wellbeing.

Minimise stress to shrink the sick leave bill. Help your team to mental and physical harmony through their weekly Pilates practice.

What are the Corporate Pilates Packages?Its's your choice

45/60 minute Pilates class in your offices in London

Six week Foundation course: learning the essentials of Pilates exercises, the perfect Pilates introduction for beginners.

Weekly classes, breakfast, lunch or after work classes, timetabled to match the needs of your company.

Regular Pilates class and wellbeing emails: supporting and maintaining Corporate Pilates class uptake.

How to bring Corporate Pilates classes to your companyWe make it simple

You chose day, the time and class length, classes can be held in any space from a meeting room, roof terrace to an atrium. If you need, we can help you identify the best location.

To start Pilates classes we will help you to find the essential equipment (mats and small props) that make Pilates the amazing total body conditioning class that it is.

Our well-trained, fully insured teachers love Pilates and enjoy nothing more than sharing their passion. We create classes that develop a powerful sense of wellbeing and confidence from Pilates practice.

Joseph Pilates

"All in in all, we do not give our bodies the care that our wellbeing deserves."

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What they say

How Pilates helped Drew

Pre and post surgery Pilates classes

"...faster recovery from my operation and its side effects, better fitness, more confidence in my body..."