People standing and working on exercise class in West Hampstead

Pilates class in West Hampstead

Build more flexibility, stamina, strength and body confidence with the Pilates method mat class.
These classes are held in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our Pilates class in West Hampstead
Never done Pilates before? That is fine, we have exercises to easy you in. Are you bit rusty? That’s not a problem; you’ll be back on your game after a handful of classes.

We are easy to get to, a quick walk or bus ride from West Hampstead Thameslink/Over Ground or Tube station.
Classes are £15 for drop in or save £4 a class and pay for a block of sessions.

Have your first class on us, free. Get in contact and come try us out for free.


Dec 07 2021


7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

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